Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Marquee DIY Made For Hanukkah

I've always been a fan of Oh Happy Day's vintage marquee and finally had the perfect excuse to make one! I was asked by to style a Hanukkah dessert table, and I knew the marquee would be just the thing to brighten it up. Here is how my sign turned out:
I made my sign say "SPIN", but love that I can rearrange the letters and use it for other things... I think "SIP" would be so cute to have at a cocktail party.
Here is how you do it in 10 easy steps!

Supply list:
2 foam core boards (one for the letters and one for the background) // paper to cover the background foam core // poster board // spray paint // glue gun // globe lights // cutting board, pen knife & ruler // compas cutter like this:
The compass cutter isn't completely necessary, but it only cost $6 and really sped up this process!
Simple steps:
Step 1: Draw or trace letters onto the foam core, and cut them out using the pen knife.
Step 2: Cut several 1" strips of poster board and set them aside for later.
Step 3: Measure and mark on your letters where you want your lights to go.
Step 4: Use a compass cutter to cut circles for lights in the letters.
Step 5: Position your letters on top of the foam board where you'd like them to go, and mark through the holes you've made in your letters onto the background foam board. Step 6: Use spray adhesive to cover your background board with gift wrap, or spray paint it.
Step 7: Cut circles there too - the bulbs will go in front of your letters, and the cord will screw in through the back of the background board like this picture of my layers smooshed together:
*An important note about the size of your holes!
Before you cut all of your holes, test your bulb to make sure it will fit through the letter. Also, test the piece from the electrical cord to be sure it will fit through the backing. The bulb piece is smaller than the electrical cord, so I made the holes on my backing slightly larger, as you can see here:
Step 8: Use a hot glue gun to attach the 1" strips of poster board to the outside of your letters.
Step 9: Spray paint your letters.
Step 10: Put it all together!
When you are done screwing them in the back will look so messy! Which is why the board backing makes your marquee easier to display.
(messy back.)

How long did this take? One little afternoon, for something my family and friends will enjoy for years to come.
"spin" photo on table by Bernella Gooseberry


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